Brilliant monitoring sets us apart – Adam SX3-H in Studio C

In an age where so many lower cost home studios exist one of the remaining huge differences between studios is the quality of their monitoring. This has an impact on every recording and can be the difference when it comes to getting a mix right for  release. Few studios have monitoring as good as at Studio 52, each studio has its own choice, studio A has a combination of EMES Cyan with Adam midrange, EMES nearfield and JBL large monitors while studio B has EMES nearfield and the amazing and rare 3-way EAW 15’s. Studio C has the stunning ADAM S3X-H monitors which are simply breathtakingly good and must be heard to be believed! Come in and hear them now with any session in studio C and get the extra detail in your recordings.

Adam S3X-H speakers

Adam S3X-H world class Monitoring at Studio 52 Melbourne, they sound so amazing!

Adam monitors

Studio C main Control room at Studio 52 featuring the Adam S3X Monitors for absolutely brilliant sound

brands supplied thru Studio 52 Melbourne

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