Voice overs & Spoken Word

Dual Valve vocal mic at 52

SE Gemini Dual Valve Mic at Studio 52 Melbourne

Studio 52 does a lot of spoken word recordings, usually in studio B or C. So whether you need to record a voice over for a multimedia presentation or TVC or for a spoken word exam we can help. We have the right acoustic treatment and the right microphones to capture spoken word so it is clear and easily discernible for such purposes as web, video, audio books, documentaries and ads. We do a lot of multi-lingual recordings so its no problem if you need to present a project for a variety of countries. The same goes for project with multi-readers or a number of actors with multi-part scripts. We often record 4-6 voices at a time for existing clients. We have multiple matching Microphones and Pres such as the Audio Technica AT4033’s and Focusrite ISA Pres for recording multiple voices with consistent sound across all channels.

Studio 52 can provide the right recording environment, perfect support staff and get the edit right for whatever your needs. please call Paul Higgins direct on 0412686252 to get more info or to make a booking.

Our bookings are usually a minimum of 2-3 hours including editing however we can make some exceptions for regular clients who use the studio weekly or every month.

Generally we rely on clients to bring or book their own voice talent but if you need some help with this we can get involved and source the right voice for your project as well. Being much more than just a voice studio we can easily add music recordings into a project or get involved with a project that has a greater scope than just the spoken word parts. Studio 52 has 4 studio in all so whatever the task we are sure to be able to help.

Studio 52 C

studio C control room

updated studio C control room at Studio 52

Mic Preamps at 52

Focusrite Liquid Mic Preamps at Studio 52 Melbourne

Studio B Control Room at Studio 52 Melbourne

Studio B Control Room at Studio 52 Melbourne

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