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We’ve all heard of our friends and relatives who love to sing but have never heard themselves properly. The same goes for all kinds of musicians, bands and singer-songwriters. Many do some kind of home recording which often damages their confidence because recording music and vocals is a skill and does take more than just a home computer and a cheap microphone. This is where the professionals at Studio 52 can help! Often people are too self conscious and shy to take the leap to make a booking at a recording studio but you’ve heard them sing and play and you know they should! This is the perfect reason to gift them a recording session which they will enjoy immensely and will get them past their shyness or reticence to act. The perfect gift for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas or just for someone who needs encouragement. Great gift idea for your sister, your girlfriend and even your mum!

studio 52 gift vouchers

Studio Recording Gift vouchers are fantastic presents for everyone who loves to sing or play.

Many people think that recording is just for the major professional artists but music is for everyone. Just like in every other hobby people enjoy themselves without having to be a professional. Not every yacht owner plans to win the America Cup, not every golfer thinks they are the next Jason Day and so forth, the same goes for music, anyone can enjoy recording themselves in a professional studio if they have a talent or a gift. Plus these days it’s so easy to get good backing tracks off iTunes and other sites from as just $1.69 and if they play an instrument or have friends that play they can provide their own accompaniment. At studio 52 we have guitars and keyboards at hand, even drum kits if you have a drummer who wants to be involved.

At Studio 52 we go out of our way to make people feel comfortable in the studio, particularly for those recording for the first time. We want everyone to have a great experience and to go away feeling inspired to do more music. Every week we work with people who are amazed to hear themselves sounding great, recorded with pro gear and coached by top engineers and producers who know how to bring out their best. We make sure the vocal and the backing track sound as one by adding the right compression and reverb to match the sound together. If needed we can also edit the vocal to correct pitch discrepancies. Finally a CD master and/or file copies to a USB stick or hard drive brought by the customer are supplied.

Gift vouchers are typically 3 hours, 5 hours or full day sessions, we can customise the experience to suit the person or group. You can even use the session for a group of friends or as a Karaoke style birthday party for any age group. Corporate groups can also take advantage of this and it can be a great fun bonding session for co-workers. Once you’ve recorded we can even make 50 or 100 Cds for you to distribute to family and friends.

Studio 52 also provides many prizes for Council and School Youth Battle of the Bands and other music competitions, in some cases we can sponsor part of the cost or add extra value as a part sponsor of the prizes. We make sure that every young singer or band that comes in is treated well and gets to work in a professional safe environment while having all the excitement that comes with recording music.

For more information and gift voucher purchases call Paul on 0412-686-252.