Studio Engineers & Producers

Trevor Carter      (All studios, Head Engineer/Producer)

Trevor has over 35 years experience in the studio and as a musician. He is highly knowledgable in most styles of music and has worked with artists of all genres. He loves to work with all kinds of bands, Singer-Songwriters and modern pop based acts. Trevor has great skills when it comes to arranging and producing songs and coaching the best results from singers. He is also up to date with all the latest AI trends. Have a listen to the wide variety of great music on his Soundcloud link below or here.

Hear a variety of music styles recorded by Trevor on Soundcloud below.

TC Carter Producer 52

Other Engineers, Producers and Studio Assistants at Empire Music Studios

Mat Robins, Simon Paparo, John McAll, Paul Wilson, Gabriel Falcon, Mitchel O’Shea, Michael Robson, Steve McCall, Duncan Underwood, Tom Glover, Catherine Meeson, Kinzi Kabadeh, Daphne Vargas. Other major and upcoming engineers and producers as requested.

*For engineers or producers that regularly bring their own work to the studio we are happy to discuss a special access rate. Please contact Paul Higgins or Trevor Carter to discuss your requirements and what benefits can be offered.