Studio A

The all new Studio A at Empire Music Studios

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Photos of Studio A

Studio A recording space with a view to the multipurpose live stage area
Studio A has a brand new Yamaha C7X Grand Piano
Another view of Studio A, a large multipurpose space perfect for large ensembles including orchestra
The all new Vintage Bar at Empire, located just outside Studio A, great for functions and events

Studio A can be hired for all traditional recording purposes including large ensembles and orchestra as well as for live events and other functions and showcases. Studio A is based in Heidelberg West as part of the all new Empire Music Studios complex which has replaced the previous Studio 52 in Collingwood pictured below.


Studio A (Old – previous Collingwood Studios)

Please note , this page is based on the now closed Collingwood Studios, please see updated Empire Music Studios pages for all new premium studios and facilities.

Studio 52 A studio

Studio A Control Room at Studio 52 Melbourne, ideal for all music recording and mixing projects

This is the major music studio at Studio 52 featuring four separate recording areas which make live multitrack recording a pleasure for both the band and the engineer or producer. A greater degree of acoustic design has gone into this studio to make it the ultimate space for real and acoustic instruments. While a 100 watt Marshall cabinet close miked may sound almost the same in either studio A or B, a jazz or world music group featuring strings, brass, woodwind or percussion instruments will enjoy the extra acoustic detail attainable in studio A. The multiple recording spaces are perfectly suited for recording completely live or layering tracks individually. The variety and number of great microphones on offer will satisfy any project.

A comfortable and spacious control room is the heart of a great studio. Studio A features great acoustic design, full automation, 96 channels on mixdown, three levels of monitoring, hard disk digital recording and an outstanding selection of high end outboard equipment. Brands such as Focusrite, TC Electronics, EMES, RME, Apple, TL Audio valve gear, JBL and Yamaha make up a fantastic combination of equipment at hand.

Studio A has been built to suit a wide variety of music recording purposes. The combination of warm rustic colours complimented by natural timbers and polished slate throughout provide a relaxed creative atmosphere.
Studio A is undoubtedly one of the best studios available for bands wishing to record live. Each area offers great control and isolation for discrete “no Spill” tracking. The separation means that if only one musician in a live group makes a mistake or is unhappy they can re-do their parts without the whole band having to do the same track again. This brings about great time saving and keeps productivity high while the players are fresh. Isolation has been achieved without compromise to the visual contact between each player, in fact the studio has almost a stage-like quality as it looks down into the control room a few feet lower.

Musicians generally comment that they feel at ease and at home in the studio from early stages of each session. From a practical point of view, studio A also features an easy load in from a side laneway at street level.

Studio A Drum booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit with Paiste Signature Series cymbals and a combination of SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser quality Microphones

Studio A Drum booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit with Paiste Signature Series cymbals and a combination of SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser quality Microphones



Download our OLD Collingwood based studios brochure 2015 Studio 52 Melbourne Recording studio (PDF)

Gear List (subject to change without notice):

Front End – Mic Pre’s:

24 channels of the finest mic pre’s available. Including 3 x Focusrite Liquid Channel, 4 x TL Audio Valve 5052 2ch Pre with EQ and Compression , 1 x TL Audio VP-1 Premium Valve Channel strip, TL Audio 4ch Ivory Series Valve Pre, Joe Meeks Twin Q2, 2 x MXL M-PAC1 and 4 x Presonus Studio Channel valve preamps.

Console: (*used for monitoring & routing only)

Yamaha DM2000 fully automated 96 ch digital console with full ADD-ON FX and complete Surround Processing capability.

Recording format:

The latest version of Apple’s Logic Studio hard disk recording and midi platform, using RME multiface 24bit/96k interfaces and Apple MAC Pro computers.


Emes ‘Cyan’ main monitors (4x 8”, 2 x 5” & soft dome tweeter config) with retrofit Adam midrange drivers
JBL 15” & Horn 2nd main monitors
Emes ‘Blacks’ and Amber HR Sub as nearfield  (5.1 Surround Blacks system available)

Outboard FX:

TC Electronics 6000 Series thru Powercore X8 x 2


35 high quality studio microphones !
SE Gemini MkII Dual Valve, SE Z5600 MKII Valve mic x 2, SE Tube Ribbon RT1 x 2, SE ICIS Valve x 1, SE 4400A x 2
DPA 4006 omni pair, Audio Technica 4033, Audio Technica 4050, Audio Technica ATM25, Audio Technica AE2500 dual element Cardiod/dynamic, Sennheiser MD421 MKII, Sennheiser E901 PZM Boundary Mic, Sennheiser E904 x 2, Sennheiser E905, Sennheiser E906, pair Groove Tube AM40 Tubes, Octava 102 pencil, Shure SM57 x 2, Beyer M88 (black), Beyer M88 (silver), Peluso CMC6 Pencil

Se Valve Mics

Se Gemini II Dual Valve and Z5600 Valve Microphones in Studio A at Studio 52 Melbourne


Kurzweil Electric Piano
Line 6 Bogner Valve 100w head and stereo Cab
Albion 100w Valve head and Quadbox
Line 6 Lowdown 400 Pro Bass amp
Yamaha Absolute Nouveau Recording Kit with Paiste Cymbals
Various Guitars available including Dave Navaro acoustic, Gibson SG & Les Paul, various high end Yamaha guitars inc


$POA  *please note our best rates apply for multiple days and complete packages, particularly where we supply a combination of recording, mixing & mastering along with artwork, photography and Cd manufacture for a finished product release.

All rates should be discussed with Paul Higgins, call 0412686252, as specials may apply at different times. Special rates can be catered for large projects or ongoing corporate clients.

Mic Preamps at 52

Focusrite Liquid Mic Preamps at Studio 52 Melbourne