Four Studios

By the nature of having all these services under one roof, Studio 52 has become expert in providing complete recording packages that include manufacture of finished CD’s or CD rom plus promotional materials such as posters and press kits. As a customer of Studio 52 you can choose a combination of our services as a custom package or simply hire one service individually such as mastering. While we are best known for the many quick independent budget projects that come through, we are just at home with major projects with more serious budgets. In fact the fast turnover of projects uniquely readies our staff as they are used to keeping within strict timelines and trying to achieve the impossible within small budgets. So when we have more time to work with we never waste it. Even if you pay more per hour compared to some smaller studios, you will probably enjoy greater productivity, smoother sessions and less stress overall. When all the aspects of your project are being handled professionally you’ll probably play better too.

Download the Studio 52 brochure in PDF format (18Mb) 2015 Studio 52 Brochure

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