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Studio 52 has been part of the Melbourne Recording Studio scene for 30 years and has been involved in many facets of the music business, often instigating projects to inspire people to record or to make it easier for young people to record and release their first songs. The first such project was the 52 Pickup Series back in the late 80’s. Then came the Nu-Music Series which released almost 20 compilation albums of unsigned acts including Metal compilations and the highly successful Blues albums Real Australian Blues Vol1-4. After that came the Fear of the Unknown indy projects and more recently the brilliant and super successful Kool Skools Project which single handedly made professional music recording available to secondary level students and boasts having now released over 700 albums of original tracks by students aged general 14-18. The project has recorded original music in Victoria, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD.

Over the past 30 years Studio 52 has worked with names big and small, the famous and the independent and many acts that deserved more attention than maybe they got, the music scene being the animal that it is. We’ve worked with so many people but here are just some of the names on our roster in no particular order: Missy Higgins, Russell Crowe, Delta Goodrem, Peter Cupples, Stylus, Kelebec, Harry Healy, Jim Keys and the Masters Apprentices, Tim Wheatley, Dutch Tilders, Geoff Achison, Jordie Lane, Simon Bruce, Kasey Chambers, Marc Collis, Natasha Duarté, Kev Bowe Walton and Indian, Patrick Nankervis, Mick Malusa, The Wiggles, Meddee Bear, Jessica Arbuckle (aka Rosaye), The Tea Party, Henry Marrs, Good Charlotte, Russell Morris, Tash Eloise, Katie Underwood, Plunja, The Whiteroom, Marco Goldsmith & Blue Heat, The Rhythm Hounds, Boyd Owen, The Backsliders, Briana Lee, Paul Furlong, Brian Carter, Brydie Lanyon, David Brooks and The Music Men, Derek Tinwell and Remedy Stone, Elizabeth Drake, Peter Neville, Elision, Enda Kenny, Emma Franz, Epicure, Jesse Hooper, The Police Flute Patrol, 45 Beans with Adam Johnstone, Freakapotomus, Fyna, Curtis Late, Kylie Auldust, Keith Glass, Girl VS Ghost, Ikon, Industry with Peter Frawley, Jacks Castle, Jan Cooper, James Lefevre Quintet, Peter Gaudion, Jeff, Andy Cowan, Kelly Auty, Jemma DeMaria, Coby Demaria, Jenna Dwyer, Jenny Marie Lang, Jessica Paige, Lauren Phillips,  Kim Lawford, Leo Sisters, Linoleum, Lloyd Spiegel, Luke Sabbadini, Madeline Hay, Magic, Matt Dwyer, Matt Kennedy, Midnight Special, Miray, Miss Choofla, Nancy D’Agostino,  Natalie O’Heare, NG Boys, Nyssa Bradsworth, Katie Weston, Obsidian, Pete Hawkes, Peter Gelling, Joyce Brothers, Podkin Fly, Polly Kenny, Rachel Costanzo, Radio Star, Requiem, Revival Nona, Teramaze, Ricky Edwards, Riot, Ron Brown, Ron Peers, Ruby Fruitjungle, Shewolf, Robert Shirley, Society Syncopators, Snakehips, Sons Of Messengers, Suzi McCarter, Symbion Pandora, The Tailgaters, Tara Leigh Dowler, Territory Boys, The Kalarharis, The Quarters, The Heave, The Razz, The Rhythm Project, Tina Samson, Tonnic, Vericious, Vent, Waylayd, Wendy Powles, White Summer, Checkerboard Lounge, Matt Walker, The Swinging’ Sidewalks, Boogie 2 Shoes, Lil Fi & The Delta Rhythm Kings, Lazy James Band, Collard Greens & Gravy, Grace & Juliet, Urban Zoo, Unsafe Thort, The Reefs, Zygotic and so many more.

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