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Studio 52 (now Empire Music Studios) has been part of the Melbourne Recording Studio scene for 37 years and has been involved in many facets of the music business, often initiating projects that inspire people to record and release music for the first time. Projects that make it easier for young people to record and release their first songs. The first such project was the 52 Pickup Series back in the late 80’s. Then came the Nu-Music Series which released almost 20 compilation albums of unsigned acts including Metal compilations and the highly successful Blues albums Real Australian Blues Vol.1-4. After that came the Fear of the Unknown indy projects and more recently the brilliant and super successful Kool Skools Project which single handedly made professional recording available to secondary level students and boasts having now released over 750 albums of original tracks by students aged general 13-19. The project has recorded original music in Victoria, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD. Collectively the studio has recorded more artists and more songs by different writers than any other studio in Australia.

Over the past 37 years Studio 52 and now Empire Music Studios has worked with names big and small, the famous and the one’s that didn’t quite make it. We’ve worked with so many people but here are just some of the names on our roster in no particular order:

Our very first client from 1986 who is still recording with us, Patrick Nankervis. Calum Scott, Delta Goodrem, Missy Higgins, Russell Crowe, Casey Donovan, Tim Mills, Adam Harvey, Cash Backman, Kacey Chambers and Dead Ringers Band, Stylus, Peter Cupples, Doug Williams, Sam McNally, Ben Robertson, Simone Waddell, David Jones, Paul Grabouski, Phil Rex, John McAll, Black Sorrows, Joe Camilleri, Ross Wilson, Bobby Valentine, Ron Martini, Debra Byrne, Wilbur Wild, B#Sharp Big Band, Anne Norman, Prince of Mars, Michelle Smith, Good Charlotte, Kelebec, Kylie Auldist, James Nation-Ingle, Casey-Lee Ray, Ron Martini, Steve Lincoln, Yamaha Music, Jenny Craig, Nine Network Carols by Candlelight, Telstra Australia, Curtis Late, The Funken Wagnalls, Harry Healy, Jim Keys and the Masters Apprentices, Tim Wheatley, Dutch Tilders, Geoff Achison, Aynsley Green, Stick Mareebo, Don Farrands, Long Lunch, Josh Abrahms, Tunari, Bad Boys Batucada, Supremacy, Mark Emberg,  Gordon Gunn, The Charleston Party, Donna McConville, Missilies of Love, The Sweethearts of Swing, Allegiance, Frozen Doberman, Hyperion, Teramaze, Mandrake Garden, Beverley Sheehan, Peter Gaudion, Stray Blacks, Kagome,  Farrah, Charli Lilligan, Jordie Lane, Simon Bruce, Kasey Chambers, Marc Collis, Natasha Duarté, Kev Bowe Walton and Indian, Patrick Nankervis, Mick Malusa, The Wiggles, Meddee Bear, Jessica Arbuckle (aka Rosaye), The Tea Party, Henry Marrs, Russell Morris, Tash Eloise, Katie Underwood, Plunja, The Whiteroom, Marco Goldsmith & Blue Heat, The Rhythm Hounds, Boyd Owen, The Backsliders, Tinsley Waterhouse,  Briana Lee, Paul Furlong, Brian Carter, Brydie Lanyon, David Brooks and The Music Men, Derek Tinwell and Remedy Stone, Elizabeth Drake, Peter Neville, Elision, Enda Kenny, Emma Franz, Epicure, Jesse Hooper, The Police Flute Patrol, 43 Beans with Adam Johnstone, Freakapotomus, Fyna, Curtis Late, Billy Joe Shaver, Keith Glass, Girl VS Ghost, Ikon, Industry with Peter Frawley, Dive, Jacks Castle, Jan Cooper, James Lefevre Quintet, Peter Gaudion, Jeff, Andy Cowan, Kelly Auty, Jemma DeMaria, Coby Demaria, Jenna Dwyer, Jenny Marie Lang, Jessica Paige, Lauren Phillips,  Kim Lawford, Leo Sisters, Linoleum, Lloyd Spiegel, Luke Sabbadini, Madeline Hay, Magic, Matt Dwyer, Matt Kennedy, Midnight Special, Miray, Choofla Boogie, Nancy D’Agostino,  Natalie O’Heare, NG Boys, Nyssa Bradsworth, Katie Weston, Obsidian, Pete Hawkes, Peter Gelling, Joyce Brothers, Podkin Fly, Polly Kenny, Rachel Costanzo, Radio Star, Requiem, Revival Nona, Ricky Edwards, Riot, Ron Brown, Ron Peers, Ruby Fruitjungle, Shewolf, Robert Shirley, Society Syncopators, Snakehips, Sons Of Messengers, Suzi McCarter, Symbion Pandora, The Tailgaters, Tara Leigh Dowler, Territory Boys, The Kalarharis, The Quarters, The Heave, The Razz, The Rhythm Project, Tina Samson, Tonnic, Vericious, Vent, Waylayd, Wendy Powles, White Summer, Checkerboard Lounge, Matt Walker, The Swinging’ Sidewalks, Boogie 2 Shoes, Lil Fi & The Delta Rhythm Kings, Lazy James Band, Collard Greens & Gravy, Grace & Juliet, Urban Zoo, Unsafe Thort, The Reefs, Zygotic, Jacinta Arcardia VonPrussia, Daphne Vargus, Zero Degrees, Anna Mannering, Beas Window, The Razz, The Mellows, Shewolf, Bonney Ranch, Joshua Aiello, Jeff, The Reefs, Rise Electric, Kathy Delanty, Winterset, Industry, Mickey Grouse, Andrew Hosking, Fibro House, Lift The Lid, Muthuswamy Dikshita, Bad Karma, Hari Krishna Temple, Kate Celeste, Kate Cebrano, The Voxhounds, Max Redmund, Donna McRae, Czars, Leningrad, AKA Brothers, Bitter Tears, Phil McKernan, Roxy & the Bad Boys, 59 Sharp, Geoff Warner, Mazda, Stepping Out, Alan Carville, Division IV, Joyce Brothers, Grand Theft Audio, Ultra Vibe Jive Tribe, Small Talk, Norman Mayer, Peter Billing Band, Tony Carne, Yamaha, Ian Harrowfield, Tomcats, Lenko, Celal Gurkan, Melbourne Workers Theatre, Barry Michael, Southern Thunder, Julia Mayne, Hitmen, Animal House, Best Kept Secret, Thanks For the Fish, Running Blue, Texas Rose, Cherrokee, Crossbow, Backlash, Call of the Wild, Blindminds, Dangerman, Witches Hex, Schitzoprenia, Grungeon, Apparition, Caplights, Wildflowers, Jackslam, Aura, Show of Hands, The Rising, Look Mum No Hands, Robot Archie, Gentle Persuasion, Luxury Device, Lucy Was an Engine, Hurdy Gurdy, Sanfire, The Agency, Warcry, Daryl Edwards, Borrowed Time, The Motivators, Tonnic, Mau Mau Menace, Leather Zen, Guru Foundation, Cathy Harris, Chosen Ones, Raindance, Funky Addiction, Tequila Sunrise, Love Hate Wonder, Joe Mandica, Romeo, Pasquadora, Fizzleheads, The Reflection, Happy Gas Stare, Jupiter or Bust, Hardluck, The Shanks, Om, Beltane, Howling Room, Marshal Law, Scapegoat, Alto Avenue, Mess Around, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Social Moors, Roundabouts, Big Block, DD Stack, Maireid, Whose Muddy Shoes, Michaelangelo and the Ceiling, The Moment, Soft Burgundy, Luciano Menolascina, AFTRS, DJ Walker, Mark Nolan, Damian Manassa, Liam Manassa, Kerri Jones, Jus People, Drama Queen, DJ Bee Bop, Ash Lee, Lots Wife, Spoken, Young Elders, Bannista, Legends, Stonger Than Dirt, Golden City Jazz Band, Nissan, Simon Richards Direct, Kwijibo, Way of Sorrows, Primary Colours, Alfirio, Guiltfilter, Dark Horse, The Woodshedders, Plastic Spaceman, Mabo Man, Mad Dog, Wheel, Stone the Crows, Monkfish, Wendy Powell, Presence, PAD, Devotchka, Captain Jellybeard, Running Wild, Kraven, Time, Blues Night Out, Notorious, Gold Fever, Carnival, Chis Davies, Ikon, Danny Cobb, Col Thompson, Three, Five to Five, Barb Waters, Voodoo, The Calling, Ergot Derivitive, The Rockin Beasts, Rooftop Children, Indigo Fudd, Kate Anderson, Cenobytes, Brewskis, Legal Aliens, Magic Circle, Grind, Mullready, Requiem, Acid Cats, Maggie Jackson, Habibis, Stonefish, Cry Wolf, Loise Celmen, Soul Promise, Harmonic Hell, Souled Out, Aqua Crunch, Handspan, Mahogany, Acid Cats, Creature Seed, Premonition, Common Place, Cafe Swing, Chaos in the Realm, Gitt, Cinema, Annette Lang, Viscera, Firefly, Robert Shrigley, Enda Kenny, Luxury Device, Spin Cycle, The Wildflowers, Hands of Gibbon, Snog, Chrome Trojans, Edens Revenge, Slaves of Cool, Paul Lightfoot, Fridge, Inner City Cave Dwellers, Kings Ransom, Fever Dream, Thieves, Engine Room, Hacksaw, Requiem, Wolfgang, Jonestown, Jack, Thirst, Vivid, Hard Luck, Equinox, Cammomile, Boomshanka, Harry Higgins, Trevor Carter, Hans Ebert, Matt Dynon. False Gods, Stuart Permazel, Marc Wohling, Froglyns Tethys, Nyssa Bradsworth, Freakapotomus, Isabella Richardson, Ben Edgar, Tiani O’Neil, Say Please, Little Seeds, Georgie Currie, Anna Mannering, Savannah Swi, Tom Ugly, [IS], Cooper Lower, The Heave, Zygotic, Jessica Paige, Anthony Callea, Dean Geyer, Axle Whitehead, The Sparrows, Avenue, White Summer, Shane Price, The Mellows, Tim Wheatley, Bad Days Goodnight, The Chestnuts, The Kalaharis, No Pressure, Unsafe Thort, Katie Weston, Sascha Alessandra, Rhythm Hounds, Boyracer, O’Connell Sisters, Kilburn, Kim Davies, The Rescue, The End, Stand Up, Trouble With Tuesday, Ziet Giest, Rule of Nines, Brydie Lanyon, Girl Vs Ghost, The Reefs, The Shitkickers, The Cat Empire, Duck Season, Connor Sheedy, Citrus Panda, Element Kings, Messed Up Moose, Monga J Mukasa, Ashley Ephtaums, Stella Farnhan, 10,000 Hours, Nick Chin, KayDel Roasario, Malia Mekuli, Sunday Slippers, Corruption, Sweet revenge, Outlaw, Hydrosaurus, XXSEX, Desire, Aardverks, Empty Hands, Harsh Reality, The Bicycle Thieves, Barry Plankton, Slaves of Cool, Medee Bear, Matt Dwyer, Marcus Joe Meier, The Little Gods, The Lazy Sons, Sons of Messengers, Larrie Cook, Lazy James Band, Katya, Katie Underwood, Joy Van Schie, Jessica Rose Arbuckle, Jenna Dwyer, Jess Pollard, Jemma Demaria, Heaven Help Us, Grace & Juliet, Galya, Erin Finlay, Ella Freestone, Describe Eliza, Deluxious Beauties, Dekonstrukt,  Colin Crosbie, Coby De Maria, Breaking Kurfue, Boyz, Boyd Owen, Aspin James, ArcM, The Angry Beavers, Amaya Laurica, Abby Fuller, The Mothertones, NG Boys, Nick Ferretti, Nervous Wreck, Patrick Nankervis, Pixie Chicks, Plunja, Rachel Marcus, Rick Steward, Sisters Leo, Stephanie Pantou, Stylus, Tara Dowler, Taylor Theggie, Tina Sampson, Urban Zoo, Violet, Waylayd, Audio Lounge, Amy Calabro, Jaymz Phillips, Nostics, Pink bits, Symbion Pandoria, Botswah, Agnes, Lydia Tanski , The Rhythm Project, Simmon Bruce, Jordie Lane, The Limeburners, No More Questions, Framed, 99% Fat, Spam, The Passions, Alan Murphy, Dale Allison, Azooz, Harry Brown, Meagan Hunt with RMH Chips, Elias Lanyon, Bryce Kelly, Tash Sultana, Patrick Sultana, Joe Chindamo, Ricky Edwards, Collingwood College, Footscray City SC, Tony Dale, Camera Obscura Records, David Brooks, Stathbogie Shire, Denis & Trish in Darwin, Mt Lilydale Mercy College, Derek Womack, DJ Yaklisto, Dylan Redman, Eli Wolfe, Elite Caravans, Elise Ministry of Entertainment, Grand Ridge Brewery, Giulieta, Fallon Williams, Fiona Dyball, Lily Rose, Geelong Grammar, Geoff Dawes, Talentworks, Glenn Wheatley, Gordon Gunn, Mt Waverley SC, Alpine Audio, Gary Handford, Hanging Rock Wines, Grammy International, Harmony Fund, Copperfield College, Henry Maas, Hobsons Bat Youth, Moira Shire, Jesse Hooper, Offspring, Roadrunner Records, Emmanuel College, Ian Meldrum, Northcote SC, Jacquee Rae, Rowville SC, Williamstown SC, Loseby Park Youth, Buloke Shire, Jaysea, Cheltenham SC, Wellington Shire, Upper Yarra SC, Riot Band, Wodonga City, Korowa Girls, Brisbane Waters SC, Laurence Hunter, Lavalla College, Steve Le Fevre, Leanne Priera, Paul Furlong, Canterbury Girls HS, Lowanna College, Louise Tatnell, Salt Lake City, Wodonga Catholic College, Mackellar Girls Campus, Mandy Kane, Albury City Youth, Billy Club USA, Catholic Ed Parramatta Diocese, Matt Dwyer Little Big Band, Matt Hollywood,  Melbourne Girls College, Caulfield Grammar, Michelle Horoitz, Mick Malusa, Mirboo North SC, Menai College, Mustafa, NAATI, Nagle College, Taleena, Paula Terez, Boort SC, Cathedral College, Robbie Hammond & Shireen, Benalla College, Notre Dame College, Telstra Australia, Ground Hog Band, Radio Star, Stella Mozgawa, Steve Gunther, Maranatha CS, Suzanna Colville, Sylvia Cameron (aka) RKeana, BMG Production Music, Zia Muhammad Sahill, Truganina P9 College, Wangarratta HS, Violet Town Youth, Wellington Shire, Mill Park SC, Coburg HS, Westpac Fitzroy, Yaths Balgobond and so many more.

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