Studio B (Old)

Please note , this page is based on the now closed Collingwood Studios, please see updated Empire Music Studios pages for all new premium studios and facilities.

One of 3 music studios at Studio 52

Studio B Control Room at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring EMES Blacks and EAW 3 way 15″ monitor speakers

Download our old Collingwood based studios brochure 2015 Studio 52 Melbourne Recording studio (PDF)

In many ways, studio B is simply a scaled down and cheaper version of studio A. Many of the features are similar or the same such as the recording and mastering formats. Studio B has less choice of mic pre’s and microphones than studio A but still more than enough for most project requirements. Due to the cost saving it is an excellent studio choice for demos, pre-production or lower budget finished product. Many smaller projects for solo artists, duos or voice over clients are recorded in B with great success. It is also an excellent studio for tracking drums, keyboards or guitars and for general editing and compiling jobs. For home studio owners it offers a cost effective place to take a project to complete specific recording tasks or final mixing. It’s also a great studio for young engineers to bring projects without paying a high price for quality facilities.

A Solid Alternative to studio A

The choice between A & B really comes down to your budget and how big or complex your project is. Most people would choose studio A if they could afford it or their project required the extra facilities and features. It is important to consider that in order to use all the extra gear in the racks and to utilise the A studio’s flexability the engineer will need extra session time, so as well as paying more per day you may also need more time for the project generally. Regardless of the A/B debate at Studio 52, studio B is a far greater choice than much of the outside competition in the same price bracket.


There are two large recording rooms, one of which is generally designated for drums and percussion. Both rooms are large and comfortable and the whole studio is well airconditioned. A top of the line Yamaha “Absolute Nouveau” Recording drum kit is supplied free of charge and can save time in the studio, many drummers simply bring their own snare and cymbals to capture their individual sound. As in studio A, an Albion 50watt valve amp, a Line 6 Bogner 100w Valve amp, a Line 6 Bass rig and a Kurzweil 88 key weighted keyboard are supplied at no extra cost. The studio can accomodate any combination of digital recording, hard disk editing, sampling, sequencing and mastering. There is a huge selection of quality microphones and 20 ch’s of high quality Mic Pre including valve mic pre’s which will add warmth to your recordings. A Yamaha O2R digital console is used for headphone mixes and general monitoring.

Extra Benefits

While recording at 52 you get to chill out over a game of pool, use the kitchen facilities or enjoy a free tea or coffee. Based in Collingwood you’re close to many food outlets, music stores, pubs and the city. For people travelling to Melbourne to record, there are plenty of places to stay and plenty of music and nite life to enjoy. While recording at 52 you can organise artwork, CD manufacture and other services all under the one roof and you will get the opportunity to meet and network with people working in the other studios in the same building.

Great drum sounds at Studio 52

Studio B Drum Booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Crush Kit with Paiste Cymbals

Gear List:

Front End – Mic Pre’s

20 channels of the best mic pre’s available. Including Focusrite Liquid Ch, TL Audio Classic Valve EQ-2 with 2ch Pre, Raindirk MEQ6/16 16ch Mic Pre Rack with simple EQ and compression on each channel.

Console (*used just for monitoring)

Yamaha O2R 40ch digital recording console.

Recording Formats

Latest version of Apple’s Logic Studio recording and midi platform
Apple Mac computer power. (Intel Dual Core with 16Gb Ram) RME interface
Also available – Alesis HD24 24 track hard disk recorder


EAW 15” 3 way main monitors
EMES Black’s as nearfield.


TC Powercore Firewire X8


SE Gemini MKII dual valve
SE Z5600 MKII Valve x 2
SE 4400A x 2
Audio Technica AT4050 Large diaphram multi pattern condensor mic
Octava 102 pencil
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 57
Beyer M88 (silver)
Audix D2 x 3
Sennheiser 905 x 2
Sennheiser MD421 MKII
Sennheiser E901 PZM Boundary Mic
Audio Technica AT2500 dual element Cardiod/dynamic, Audio Technica ATM25


Kurzweil 88key weighted Electric Piano
Line 6 Bogner 100w Valve head & stereo Quad Cab
Albion Valve 50w
Crush Drums 5 piece kit with Paiste Cymbals
Various Guitars available


$POA  *please note our best rates apply for multiple days and complete packages, particularly where we supply a combination of recording, mixing & mastering along with artwork, photography and Cd manufacture for a finished product release.

All rates should be discussed with Paul Higgins, call 0412686252, as specials may apply at different times. Special rates can be catered for large projects or ongoing corporate clients.

Se Valve Mics

Se Gemini II Dual Valve and Z5600 Valve Microphones in all Studios at Studio 52 Melbourne