CD Mastering

Bring or send your project in for mastering at 52

Many people send their recordings from interstate and from local studios to Studio 52 for mastering and CD manufacture – this is a service we are happy to provide. Most mastering sessions are done in studio C by Trevor Carter. Trevor has over 30 years of experience in music production and many years of mastering expertise to offer. At Studio 52 we use the TC 6000 series mastering tools to bring out the best in your recordings and achieve a world class result. Trevor can make your recordings as loud and as warm as any other recording you can point to without losing the dynamics or nuances or your music.

Call Paul Higgins on 0412-686-252 now for a quote or email your project details to

To ask about file formats or how to bring your project in to Studio 52 or other technical questions regarding your project call Trevor Carter on 03-9417-7707 ext 3 or email him at