Music Video Production

Please contact Paul Higgins on 0412686252 to discuss individual requirements and budget. 

To see some of the work done by us, particularly for Empire acts and Uncovered Project artists go to this Youtube channel here or see these clips below. *All videos feature music recorded and mastered at Studio 52 / Empire Music Studios.

STARS, Mighty Rock Live at Empire StudioA  (for STARS Band)

Geoff Achison and the Souldiggers, Highwire Live at Empire StudioA  

Anna Mannering, Son Of Korah, shot at Monsalvat Eltham (for Empire Records)

Kelebek, Bass Pumpin’, Kool Skools and XFactor star in the Limo strutting her stuff (for Empire Records)

Natasha Duarte, Punch Me in the Heart, Winner of Best Pop Video in UK International Song Comp 2014 (for Empire Records)

Natasha Duarte, About A Boy, shot at Docklands Vic Harbour and other locations (for Empire Records)

Natasha Duarte, Telling Me Not To, shot in a school hall makeover and various locations including Soda Sisters, Pancake Palour Doncaster and Exhibition Gardens (for Empire Records)

Clip currently missing

Natasha Duarte, Wanted To Feel (for Empire Records)

Marc Collis, I Miss Everything, from the Louder On the inside album, shot at Monsalvat – near Marc’s home, we love that place (for Empire Records)

Marc Collis, Angel Eyes (for Empire Records)

Marc Collis, I’m A Believer shot in the rear warehouse at Studio 52, now Magic Johnston (for Empire Records)

Dutch Tilders, Going On A Journey, this video was shot in the Pool Room at Studio 52, the last clip that Dutch made before his untimely passing, featuring Mick “The Reverend” O’Connor, Geoff Achison, Winston Gallea & Broderick Smith (for Empire Records)

Zero Degrees, You’re So Beautiful, shot in our garage at Studio 52 (for Empire Records)

Zero Degrees, Sweetest Melody, also shot in the garage at the back of Studio 52 (for Empire Records)

The Razz, 24 pieces, Uncovered Project, shot in Studio A & the laneway beside Studio 52

Tiani O’Neill, Monday, for Uncovered project, great song, beautiful simple video clip

The Quarters, Tik Tik Boom, shot in country location, for Uncovered Project

Grace & Juliet, Chameleon Road, for Uncovered Project, shot in the Dandenongs, Victoria

Beas Window, Catch A Word, featuring Indi for Uncovered Project

Zygotic, Crashing Down, for Uncovered Project shot in studio A

Joshua Aiello, Always Be Dancin’ for Uncovered Project

Marc Collis, She’s So Pretty, not the greatest video we have made due to some technical issues but a great idea and some great performances for those involved, fun to make too!(for Empire Records)


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