Studio C (Old)

Please note , this page is based on the now closed Collingwood Studios, please see updated Empire Music Studios pages for all new premium studios and facilities.

The Last room built at Studio 52, the amazing drum booth in studio C !

new drum booth in studio C

the latest new drum room at Studio 52 in studio C featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit and Paiste Signature Series cymbals along with quality mics from SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser.

studio C control room

updated studio C control room at Studio 52

Studio C is the home of talented producer engineer, Trevor Carter who is one of the founding co-owners of Studio 52. Trevor is an expert in all areas of music recording, vocal coaching and song production. There are few people in Australia with as much experience and knowledge in the field. Trevor loves to work with singer-songwriters and is equally at home working with a live band of top musicians or behind the keyboard programming amazing virtual parts and drum grooves for a current pop or hip hop track. He is also a brilliant Mastering engineer due to his great ears for the business and vast musical experience.

Trevor Carter co owner Studio 52

Trevor Carter, one of the founding Co-owners of Studio 52 Melbourne, Head engineer producer and one of the most experienced in the music business, listen to tracks on his Soundcloud below:


Modern Production Design

With the recent addition of a new stunning drum booth and 2 other isolation areas in studio C, the studio is now on a par with studio A when it comes to world class production and facilities. Studio C is designed to be a  multi purpose production studio with an emphasis on solo artists with a band, Pop/R&B production and post production work.  The recording area offers a choice between a very quiet, non-reflective area and a slightly livelier section with a timber floor. The new drum booth has a modern bright sound which is just brilliant. The acoustics in the rooms are superb for all aspects of the recording process, no matter what instrument you are capturing. More and more work these days is computer & production based, even traditional rock bands are regularly opening their minds to include loops and sampling within their music. Pop and R&B music is huge and the charts are dominated by solo artists and hybrids of regular music mixed with other media. In keeping with this direction studio C has been purpose built from the ground up.

Easy Integration

As studio C uses the same recording formats as both studio A & B it is easy to integrate studio C into most other projects at one point or another or in reverse to utilise the live recording features and different sounds of studio A or B. Very few other studios can offer such compatibility and flexibility. At Studio 52 you can switch between and incorporate any combination of programmed or live playing, real, synthetic, sampled or triggered sound in the one project with ease.

Extra Features & Benefits

Studio C is the main production suite for producer Trevor Carter, so if you need your music rearranged or produced studio C is a good starting point. Artists who require programming or assistance with instrumentation and co-writing songs should also look at studio C and the production services of Trevor Carter. Trevor has time honed musical skills including the ability to arrange vocal harmonies and provide real advice and feedback to vocalists, be they new to the studio or seasoned professionals in the game.

Studio C walkway to drum booth

new glass door and virtual window TV screen thru to New Drum Booth


Studio C at Studio 52

General recording area in studio C at Studio 52 Melbourne

Gear List: (subject to change without notice)

Front End – Mic Pre’s:

Focusrite Liquid Channel
TL Audio VP-1 Tube Processing Channel                                                                                         TL Audio PA-1 Pentode Valve Preamps, TLA Ivory Series preamps, TLA Classic Blue EQ2

Console: (*used only for monitoring)

Yamaha O2R 40ch digital recording console for monitoring and headphone mixes

Recording format:

Latest version Apple’s Logic Studio hard disk recording and midi platform, Apple MACPRO computer, RME Interfaces.


TC Powercore X8’s x 2 including 6000 series and Sony Oxford plugs Plus Waves.


ADAM S3X-H,  plus Audio Technica ATHM50 Headphones

Adam monitors

Studio C main Control room at Studio 52 featuring the Adam S3X-H Monitors for absolutely brilliant sound

Adam S3X-H speakers

Adam S3X-H world class Monitoring at Studio 52 Melbourne, they sound so amazing!


SE ‘Gemini’ MKIII dual Valve
SE Z5600 MKII Valve
Peluso CMC6 Pencil, Audio Technica ATM25, AT4003, AT 4050S Stereo
Octava 102 pencil, Sennheiser 900 series,
Audio Technica AT4050 Large diaphram multi pattern condensor mic


Various Guitars including Fender, Gibson and Yamaha
Various keyboard modules and software based instruments/samplers, Albion 100w Valve with Quad


$POA  *please note our best rates apply for multiple days and complete packages, particularly where we supply a combination of recording, mixing & mastering along with artwork, photography and Cd manufacture for a finished product release.

All rates should be discussed with Paul Higgins, call 0412686252, as specials may apply at different times. Special rates can be catered for large projects or ongoing corporate clients.

Individual quotes can be arranged on a per song basis for solo artists requiring production and song programming from their original idea to a finished release.

Download our OLD Collingwood based studios brochure 2015 Studio 52 Melbourne Recording studio (PDF)

Dual Valve vocal mic at 52

SE Gemini Dual Valve Mics in all studios at Studio 52 Melbourne plus Studio C has the rare Gemini III