Studio C upgraded and extended with new drum booth!

new drum booth in studio C

the latest drum room at Studio 52 in studio C

Studio 52 has undergone some great updates recently with major improvements to Studio C. The studio has been extended with a new drum room, vocal iso booth and amp iso room. Here are some new pics from the update. Previously studio C was mainly for soloists and electronic production but now the studio can handle whole bands just like Studio A and B. This new drum booth has a very modern bright sound and is different to the other booths at Studio 52. Now drummers are spoilt for choice, each studio is also supplied standard with a high quality drum kit and cymbals but can also be replaced or supplemented with your own special kit. Studio 52 uses a combination of SE, Audio Technica and Sennheiser microphones along with TLA Valve Mic Preamps to get a world class drum sound giving drummers the absolute freedom to achieve their dream recordings. Studio C is also the home of resident top producer engineer Trevor Carter so the studio is the best choice for high quality music recordings of all genres. For home improvement services, see here for services.  Studio 52 is currently celebrating it’s 30th year in the recording business and next year will be the 20th annual songwriting and recording project for Kool Skools which has spawned countless musical careers. Call Paul Higgins on 0412686252 to get a deal on recording in this amazing studio.

Studio C drum booth

The new drum booth at Studio 52

studio C control room

updated studio C control room at Studio 52

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