Special rates now on short sessions from just $99

Low rates for one, two and five hour sessions at Studio 52 now from just $99. If you have a small project to record or master or simply want to hear your voice recorded professionally for the first time now is the time to have a go! Normally recording studios are concentrated on larger projects that take up whole days, weeks or months of lockout for major projects, shorter sessions can be hard to get at a discount rate so this is a good opportunity to those who want to get a professional result but with an inexpensive session. Perfect for singers who need a demo to a backing track or singer songwriters who may sing and provide their own accompaniment or even bands wanting the 5 hour option or a short mastering session. These deals are even great if you have your own home studio but just need to do a professional vocal or mix session. Checkout the deals on Living Social right now or if you’re an existing client of Studio 52 call now to get the same great deals direct.

studio 52 specials

Checkout the latest specials on short sessions at Studio 52 available through Living social or direct


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