Special rates now for all drum tracking sessions, call for best deal from just $330 per session!

Studio 52 has the best Drum Tracking rooms in Australia and right now get the best rates as well! Perfect for all the home studios and freelance engineers out there that struggle with the demanding requirements of recording drums: a great acoustic space, multiple mics and multiple channels all needing to be of high quality. Call Paul on 0412686252 for a deal in January or Feb 2016. Rates from as low as $330 per session with engineer. Feel free to bring your own engineer or producer as well. See this page in our downloadable brochure and further info on each studio page. You are free to use our kits, combine with your cymbals and snare or bring your own full kit. This offer is even great for session drummers who want to record a great demo. Our 3 drum booths are acoustically designed and topped off by an amazing Mic selection with nice warm valve preamps to capture your best takes.

3 drum rooms at Studio 52

Studio 52 Melbourne offers drummers the best choice and the best price for recording in Melbourne from just $330

Marine Pearl Yamaha drums

Studio A Drum booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit with Paiste Signature Series cymbals and a combination of SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser quality Microphones

new drum booth in studio C

the latest new drum room at Studio 52 in studio C featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit and Paiste Signature Series cymbals along with quality mics from SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser.

Great drum sounds at Studio 52

Studio B Drum Booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Clear Crush Drum Kit with Paiste Cymbals

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