Watch our latest TV Ad featuring all the new studios that form the Empire Music Studios creative hub in Heidelberg West. Call us to attend some open days and open nights coming up soon. To register interest or make a booking please call Paul on 0412-686-252 or email

Studio A

Our new Website is in construction but in the mentime please have a look at some photos below of the new Studio A, our premium recording space large enough for orchestra, choirs and other large ensembles and community groups. The space doubles as a live venue with a stage and and room for 100+ seated guests. Studio A has a permanent full PA and fixed lighting grid with a Midas M32 Live mixing desk and Chamsys Q10 pro lighting console along with a multitude of set and moving lights. Studio A also boasts a brand new Yamaha C7X grand piano which has already been graced by some of Melbourne’s finest pianists including Paul Grabousky, David Hirshfelder, John McAll, Laurence Hunter and Chong Lim. Please contact Paul Higgins on 0412686252 for any bookings of this new space suitable for traditional recordings along with film and TV work or for launches and functions.

The brand new recording space and multipurpose venue – Studio A
The brand new recording space and multipurpose venue – Studio A.
The brand new recording space and multipurpose venue – Studio A including the new Yamaha C7X Grand Piano
The new Bar for use in all our functions and live showcase events.

Recently in Studio 2

Some recent live recordings with Jessica Paige and the Gerry Smith Project: please note they are not mixed or complete yet but already sound great, due to the great players and singers involved.

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Brand New Studios in Heidelberg replace Studio 52 in Collingwood. Checkout all the new recordings *for bookings & info call Paul Higgins on 0412686252 or email

Here’s a brand new Jazz recording from our new studio 2 in Heidelberg. Check it out!

The old Studio 52 in Collingwood building has been demolished to make more apartments, so we decided to start again but go bigger and better than ever before! All new Studios! The new studios complex has three major recording studios, production suites and photography studio along with a great lounge/events area, brand new kitchen and bathrooms. Studio 1 is available for small bands and vocal work like Pop, Hip-Hop and RnB. It’s also great for production, mixing and mastering jobs.People can also seek the help of the best commercial photographer Toronto to get their commercial project done. Toronto Studio 2 is bigger and is perfect for bands up to 22 piece (*based on the Covid 4sqm rule). To hire studios or workspaces, check over here and get the best ones in the market. Great for Jazz, Rock and has a beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand Piano which many say is the best piano in Melbourne. Studio 3 is under final stages of completion and will be available for orchestra, choir, large ensembles or anyone you just wants the best large space with all the trimmings.

Check out this great Reggae track recorded by Stick Mareebo, produced by Trevor Carter.

New Reggae Recording – FREEDOM – Stick Mareebo for Black Lives Matter campaign – Recorded and produced by Trevor Carter at Empire Music Studios Melbourne

The production suites and photography studio along with about 80sqm of office space are all available for permanent and semi-permanent hire. We are open to discussions with professionals who wish to partner with us in these spaces or who wish to work autonomously with their own music-related business but have easy access to recording studios and to be part of a large creative hub and cool shared working environment. You can also look into the site of the Music Matters: first class online music lessons to get voice training and get advanced music lessons.

Check out this great Pop track with the glorious vocals by Farrah, produced by Trevor Carter

Love is a story – Farrah – Recorded and produced by Trevor Carter at Empire Music Studios Melbourne

Great cover of Roll Up Your Sleeves in studio 1 by Casey-Lee Ray and James Nation-Ingle singing Feeling Good – Recorded for Telstra’s Got Talent. Recorded and Produced by Trevor Carter

Roll Up Your Sleeves – Casey-Lee Ray – Recorded and produced by Trevor Carter at Empire Music Studios Melbourne
Feeling Good – James Nation-Ingle – Recorded and produced by Trevor Carter at Empire Music Studios Melbourne

Here are some photos of the new facilities while we get on top of all the site updates.

For all information and bookings at Empire Music Studios 52 call Paul on 0412-686-252. Contact Paul by email –   Also as a second point of contact call or email Trevor Carter – trevor / 0401-088-864

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Download our latest brochure, book a Recording at Studio 52 !

For all information and bookings at Studio 52 call Paul on 0412-686-252. Contact Paul by email –   Also as a second point of contact call or email Trevor Carter – trevor / 0401-088-864

Download our latest brochure:

*Please note that Studio B has now been changed to specialise in Hip Hop Music production and is also available for individual engineers and producers for hire.

With so many studios closing down its great to know that Studio 52 is now better than ever and still going strong! We’ve just added a whole bunch of improvements to the studios including some of the best mics from Audio Technica, the AT5040 Vocal Mic and the superb ADAM S3X-H Monitors in Studio A. Also a bunch more TLA PA-1 Pentode Tube Preamps for recording drums in studio C.

warm Pa-1's in studio C

A Bunch more TLA PA-1 Pentode Tube Preamps in Studio C for the best drums recordings

AT5040 now at Studio 52

Studio 52 has purchased the all new Audio-Technics AT5040 Pro Vocal Microphones for both studios

brands supplied thru Studio 52 Melbournebrands supplied thru Studio 52 Melbourne

Adam S3X-H speakers

Adam S3X-H world class Monitoring at Studio 52 Melbourne, they sound so amazing!

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Gift Vouchers, Prizes, Corporate groups, Karaoke

For more information and gift voucher purchases call Paul on 0412-686-252.

We’ve all heard of our friends and relatives who love to sing but have never heard themselves properly. The same goes for all kinds of musicians, bands and singer-songwriters. Many do some kind of home recording which often damages their confidence because recording music and vocals is a skill and does take more than just a home computer and a cheap microphone. This is where the professionals at Studio 52 can help! Often people are too self conscious and shy to take the leap to make a booking at a recording studio but you’ve heard them sing and play and you know they should! This is the perfect reason to gift them a recording session which they will enjoy immensely and will get them past their shyness or reticence to act. The perfect gift for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas or just for someone who needs encouragement, rather than the usual anniversary gift baskets. Great gift idea for your sister, your girlfriend and even your mum! You can click here for custom keychains or other personalized gifts and make the recipients feel special.

studio 52 gift vouchers

Studio Recording Gift vouchers are fantastic presents for everyone who loves to sing or play.

Many people think that recording is just for the major professional artists but music is for everyone. Just like in every other hobby people enjoy themselves without having to be a professional. Not every yacht owner plans to win the America Cup, not every golfer thinks they are the next Jason Day and so forth, the same goes for music, anyone can enjoy recording themselves in a professional studio if they have a talent or a gift. Plus these days it’s so easy to get good backing tracks off iTunes and other sites from as just $1.69 and if they play an instrument or have friends that play they can provide their own accompaniment. At studio 52 we have guitars and keyboards at hand, even drum kits if you have a drummer who wants to be involved.

At Studio 52 we go out of our way to make people feel comfortable in the studio, particularly for those recording for the first time. We want everyone to have a great experience and to go away feeling inspired to do more music. Every week we work with people who are amazed to hear themselves sounding great, recorded with pro gear and coached by top engineers and producers who know how to bring out their best. We make sure the vocal and the backing track sound as one by adding the right compression and reverb to match the sound together. If needed we can also edit the vocal to correct pitch discrepancies. Finally a CD master and/or file copies to a USB stick or hard drive brought by the customer are supplied.

Gift vouchers are typically 3 hours, 5 hours or full day sessions, we can customise the experience to suit the person or group. You can even use the session for a group of friends or as a Karaoke style birthday party for any age group. Corporate groups can also take advantage of this and it can be a great fun bonding session for co-workers. Once you’ve recorded we can even make 50 or 100 Cds for you to distribute to family and friends.

Studio 52 also provides many prizes for Council and School Youth Battle of the Bands and other music competitions, in some cases we can sponsor part of the cost or add extra value as a part sponsor of the prizes. We make sure that every young singer or band that comes in is treated well and gets to work in a professional safe environment while having all the excitement that comes with recording music.

For more information and gift voucher purchases call Paul on 0412-686-252.

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30th Birthday specials, Prices as low as they were in 1986!

Studio 52 first opened it’s doors in 1986 so it’s our 30th Birthday in 2016. To celebrate we are offering some very low prices for the independent music scene including cheap deals for indy bands, home studios, original singer-songwriters and young players of all genres. Even if you’ve recorded most of your stuff at home now’s the time to finish it in a world class studio or to access the difficult stuff like recording drums properly or mastering the final mix. Grab these rates for a limited time.

‘1986’ Super Special Weekend Rate – Sat & Sun 2 day booking from just $990       Our cheapest Rate Ever !

Drum Tracking session from just $330  *Yamaha Pro kit supplied with studio

Pro Vocal session from just $220 *Pro Mic & Pre selection & vocal producer

World Class Mastering by Trevor Carter from just $88 per song

50 CD pressing, full colour discs from just $99

Trevor Carter and Paul Higgins

Studio 52 first opened back in 1986 with Trevor Carter and Paul Higgins still running the studio today

New Brochure for 2016 – Download now

We have recently updated our studio brochure to show off our new upgrades to Studio C and Studio D and the improvements to the studios overall. Even if you’re a regular at Studio 52 you may be surprised by some of the changes, get the download download brochure here.

Studio 52 is Melbourne’s best choice for music production, mixing and mastering. Call Paul Higgins on 0412-686-252 to find out the best rates for next project, special pricing available now for all independent artists!

Studio 52

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Special rates in Studio B in January and February 2016, call now for a deal!

If your thinking of recording a demo or a few songs for a single or EP release, even a whole album’s worth of tracks now is a great time to take advantage of cheaper rates at Studio 52. Our B studio is better than most comparable A studios at other Melbourne facilities. High quality Valve and Solid state preamps including Focusrite Liquids and 16ch Raindirk (similar to Neve Prism rack) direct to Logic on super powerful Apple system. The best plug ins and lots more great features, come and check out this studio and talk to Paul Higgins on 0412686252. Special rates for multiple day projects, full week or longer block outs.

Studio B at Studio 52 Melbourne

Studio 52 Melbourne offering special rates in studio B thru Jan/Feb 2016 from just $330 with engineer

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Special rates now for all drum tracking sessions, call for best deal from just $330 per session!

Studio 52 has the best Drum Tracking rooms in Australia and right now get the best rates as well! Perfect for all the home studios and freelance engineers out there that struggle with the demanding requirements of recording drums: a great acoustic space, multiple mics and multiple channels all needing to be of high quality. Call Paul on 0412686252 for a deal in January or Feb 2016. Rates from as low as $330 per session with engineer. Feel free to bring your own engineer or producer as well. See this page in our downloadable brochure and further info on each studio page. You are free to use our kits, combine with your cymbals and snare or bring your own full kit. This offer is even great for session drummers who want to record a great demo. Our 3 drum booths are acoustically designed and topped off by an amazing Mic selection with nice warm valve preamps to capture your best takes.

3 drum rooms at Studio 52

Studio 52 Melbourne offers drummers the best choice and the best price for recording in Melbourne from just $330

Marine Pearl Yamaha drums

Studio A Drum booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit with Paiste Signature Series cymbals and a combination of SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser quality Microphones

new drum booth in studio C

the latest new drum room at Studio 52 in studio C featuring a Yamaha Absolute Nouveau drum kit and Paiste Signature Series cymbals along with quality mics from SE, Audio Technica & Sennheiser.

Great drum sounds at Studio 52

Studio B Drum Booth at Studio 52 Melbourne featuring a Clear Crush Drum Kit with Paiste Cymbals

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Open all January & looking forward to a huge year in 2016 ! Book Now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2016    Beat the Heat – Record in January at 52

Studio 52 is open all new year and is not closing for any holidays other than the main public holidays. There are plenty of openings in January for bookings so get out of the heat, take advantage of our cool, fully air-conditioned studios here in Collingwood. Call Paul on 0412686252 to make a booking for your band, project or vocal session.

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The Best of Kool Skools 2015 now available for a listen!

Kool Skools is one of the projects we love doing each year at Studio 52, it’s always great to be working with young songwriters at the cutting edge as they get their first professional recording experience. This year the Kool Skools Songwriting and Recording Project recorded 400 original songs by writers in their teens. Have a listen here or go direct to Soundcloud link.

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Special rates now on short sessions from just $99

Low rates for one, two and five hour sessions at Studio 52 now from just $99. If you have a small project to record or master or simply want to hear your voice recorded professionally for the first time now is the time to have a go! Normally recording studios are concentrated on larger projects that take up whole days, weeks or months of lockout for major projects, shorter sessions can be hard to get at a discount rate so this is a good opportunity to those who want to get a professional result but with an inexpensive session. Perfect for singers who need a demo to a backing track or singer songwriters who may sing and provide their own accompaniment or even bands wanting the 5 hour option or a short mastering session. These deals are even great if you have your own home studio but just need to do a professional vocal or mix session. Checkout the deals on Living Social right now or if you’re an existing client of Studio 52 call now to get the same great deals direct.

studio 52 specials

Checkout the latest specials on short sessions at Studio 52 available through Living social or direct


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