Listen up to some incredible Advance tracks from the Kool Skools 2014 Project !

Kool Skools 18th year logoIt’s just 5.2 weeks away from the VIC Kool Skools Awards Showcase to celebrate all the amazing music from the 2014 Kool Skools Project. To celebrate the 18th year of Kool Skools we are providing an advance listen to some of the tracks recorded sofar. There are some amazing songs and great performances from school age songwriters and musos, check it out on our Soundcloud and be amazed! All these tracks are recorded in a matter of a few hours each as part of the school and youth council project. The awards this year will be held at The George Wood PAC Sat 15th November and in Sydney at Nagle College on Sat 22nd Nov. Call 03-94177707 for ticket enquiries now.

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