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For all information and bookings at Studio 52 call Paul on 0412-686-252. Contact Paul by email –   Also as a second point of contact call or email Trevor Carter – trevor / 0401-088-864

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*Please note that Studio B has now been changed to specialise in Hip Hop Music production and is also available for individual engineers and producers for hire.

With so many studios closing down its great to know that Studio 52 is now better than ever and still going strong! We’ve just added a whole bunch of improvements to the studios including some of the best mics from Audio Technica, the AT5040 Vocal Mic and the superb ADAM S3X-H Monitors in Studio A. Also a bunch more TLA PA-1 Pentode Tube Preamps for recording drums in studio C.

warm Pa-1's in studio C

A Bunch more TLA PA-1 Pentode Tube Preamps in Studio C for the best drums recordings

AT5040 now at Studio 52

Studio 52 has purchased the all new Audio-Technics AT5040 Pro Vocal Microphones for both studios

brands supplied thru Studio 52 Melbournebrands supplied thru Studio 52 Melbourne

Adam S3X-H speakers

Adam S3X-H world class Monitoring at Studio 52 Melbourne, they sound so amazing!

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