25 years of recording… time for a new website

Thanks for visiting the new website for Studio 52. Please have patience with us while we update all the information and pictures on these pages.

By the nature of the ever evolving technology, recording studios are always in a state of change and so too the websites need to be constantly updated. Please sign up to the newsletter so we can keep you informed as many new photos and recordings go online. It would also be great if you can join us on Facebook and Twitter so we can keep you in the loop as Studio 52 continues to evolve.

We have been making recordings here in Collingwood for almost 25 years and now offer our clients a huge bank of experience and some of the best music and audio production facilities in Melbourne and indeed Australia. Testament to our commitment to providing great service and a personal involvement in our clients projects, the studio is still owned and run by Paul Higgins and Trevor Carter who originally established the studios in 1986. Further evidence of this, we are proud to say, is that our very first client, Patrick Nankervis, is still recording his latest work with us today. We look forward to being able to highlight that album on the site in the near future when it is completed.
The current studios are as you would expect, very different to when we started. In 1986 we had 8 and 16 track recorders and progressed through 24 track tape, the advent of Midi and all manner of digital formats to get to where we are today – using the latest, super powerful Apple computers and Logic 9 software. Studio 52 now offers 3 amazing music studios along with a complete artwork, photography and video studio. We can handle everything from a simple voice over to a full album package complete with CD production and broadcast music videos. Our gear list is sensational and is matched by a great team of talented engineers and producers who are available to bring your musical ideas to life.

Over the next few weeks we will gradually update the site to include examples of the music we have recorded and the videos made with us, for now please check out some of the links and pages within and have a listen to this recording from our Soundcloud: Zero Degrees from Canberra, soon to be released “So Beautiful” produced by TC Carter & Marc Collis

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