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Anna Mannering announced as finalist in US Unsigned Only Competition

Anna Mannering recorded at Studio 52 late last year and made this video with us in March of this year. She has just been announced as a Finalist in the US based Unsigned Only 2015 song Competition, we congratulate and wish … Continue reading

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Download our current studio brochure (PDF) Four studios in Melbourne

We are just about to update the Studio 52 brochure with photos of the upgrades in studio C but until then you can download our 2015 brochure which is still correct and current. Our 3 recording studios in Melbourne along … Continue reading

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Brilliant monitoring sets us apart – Adam SX3-H in Studio C

In an age where so many lower cost home studios exist one of the remaining huge differences between studios is the quality of their monitoring. This has an impact on every recording and can be the difference when it comes … Continue reading

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Studio C upgraded and extended with new drum booth!

Studio 52 has undergone some great updates recently with major improvements to Studio C. The studio has been extended with a new drum room, vocal iso booth and amp iso room. Here are some new pics from the update. Previously … Continue reading

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Listen up to some incredible Advance tracks from the Kool Skools 2014 Project !

It’s just 5.2 weeks away from the VIC Kool Skools Awards Showcase to celebrate all the amazing music from the 2014 Kool Skools Project. To celebrate the 18th year of Kool Skools we are providing an advance listen to some … Continue reading

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Head Engineer Trevor Carter in the spotlight

Trevor Carter has 30 years of experience working in the recording studio with artists of all genres. Trevor has engineered, produced and mastered so many great albums over the years and  now you can hear a wide variety of this … Continue reading

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New Studio 52 Brochure just released, download the latest update now (PDF file)

Studio 52 is always changing and being updated. technology never stands still and neither do we. There are always new microphones, updates to monitoring, improvements in all manner of ways. To keep up with all the latest news about Studio … Continue reading

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25 years of recording… time for a new website

Thanks for visiting the new website for Studio 52. Please have patience with us while we update all the information and pictures on these pages. By the nature of the ever evolving technology, recording studios are always in a state … Continue reading

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